Secure Network Management Training

A training program provides information and capabilities from basic level to advanced level on understanding, installation, management, configuration, maintenance and security of enterprise network infrastructure. 

Target Group:
This training is highly beneficial to people who are interested in managing enterprise or personal network infrastructure, are interested in both offensive and defensive technologies and want to work in security industry. 

40 hours

For an efficient training, it requires basic understanding on networking and Linux. 

Main Course Titles:

  1. Introduction to Computer Networks 
  2. Network Concepts 
  3. Network Components
  4. IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses
  5. Routing and Switching
  6. Well-Known Ports and Working Principles
  7. Well-Known Protocols and Functions 
  8. In-Depth DNS
  9. Troubleshooting Methods
  10. Networking in Virtual Environments
  11. Network Installation, Router and Switch Configuration
  12. Routers and Switches
  13. Wireless Communication
  14. Wireless Network Configuration
  15. In-Depth DHCP
  16. Troubleshooting in Wireless Networks 
  17. Troubleshooting for Router and Switch Problems
  18. Planning for Small Networks and Installation
  19. Media and Topologies – Fiber and Copper Media
  20. Connector Types
  21. Wireless Communication Standards
  22. WAN Technologies
  23. LAN and WAN Topologies
  24. Physical Layer Problems 
  25. Comparision LAN Technologies
  26. Cabling
  27. Network Devices and Applications 
  28. Hardware Devices for Troubleshooting
  29. Software Devices for Troubleshooting
  30. Network Traffic Analysis 
  31. Documentation for Maintainability
  32. Network Optimization
  33. Securing Network Traffic
  34. Security for Wireless Communication
  35. User Authentication
  36. Security Threads and Vulnerabilities
  37. Firewalls
  38. Security Devices and Applications