Our Web Application Security Auditing service; covers the processes of determining the security risks caused by application-related software and system errors before the attackers by performing dynamic security tests from hacker’s approaches to web applications, grading the criticality level, determining the possible risks and effects, reporting and submitting the clear solution proposals, providing necessary technical support until verifying that weaknesses are eliminated.

Siber Ninja company uses Siber Ninja Web Application Security Audit Methodology, which they have developed based on the OWASP Testing Guide, the Web Application Security Checklist, the OWASP Top 10 reports, and the bug hunting methodologies and regularly updated.

Our Web Applications Security Auditing service includes the following steps:

  • Performing security penetration tests using the Siber Ninja Web Application Security Audit Methodology,
  • Reporting the security vulnerabilities detected during testing,
  • Providing technical assistance during the fixing process of the security vulnerabilities,
  • Performing validation tests after eliminating security vulnerabilities,
  • Delivery of the latest version of the penetration testing results report.

You can request detailed information about Siber Ninja Web Application Security Audit Methodology via info@siberninja.com.

After the penetration tests we have done, we are preparing the penetration testing results report in detail and we are sensitive to the details of the privacy of this report. By examining the vulnerabilities of the Low, Medium, High, Critical and Emergency levels within the report, we eliminate the possible false positive issues.

You can request a sample report through info@siberninja.com.