Penetration Testing Expert Training

A training program is mostly practical when compared to Ethical Hacker training. This training provides information, methods and skills you need to have a chance to work as a professional penetration tester.

Target Group:
This training is highly beneficial to people who are interested in security, want to work and already work in security industry, security auditors, managers and are responsible for the integrity of a network infrastructure.

60 hours

For an efficient training, it requires basic understanding on networking, Linux and Ethical Hacking.  


Main Course Titles:

  1. Introduction to Penetration Testing
  2. Linux Fundamentals for Security People
  3. Network Fundamentals for Security People
  4. Reconnaissance and Vulnerability Scanning
  5. Exploitation & Post Exploitation
  6. Security in Mobile Applications
  7. Information Collection
  8. Social Engineering Methods
  9. Security Tests in Wireless Networks
  10. DoS/DDoS Tests
  11. Network Intrusion Tests and Layer 2 Attacks
  12. Web Application Security Tests
  13. Industrial Control Systems
  14. Physical Penetration Tests
  15. Penetration Testing Exercises