Python Scripting for Security Experts training aims to teach practical Python scripting skills, which can be used for security research, penetration testing, and attack automation tasks.

Pre-requisite  It is recommended to have basic programming, network, Linux and Windows knowledge, and skills for an efficient training.

Gain                At the end of this training, not only will participants be using ready-made tools, they will be able to automate many security-related tasks and have the skill of automation development with the Python scripting language according to their needs.

Contents        The training headings are:

  • Python Scripting Language Basics
  • System Programming and Security
  • Network Sniffers and Packet Injectors
  • Attacking Web Applications
  • Exploitation Techniques
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Pentest Automation Using Python and Kali Linux
  • Network Pentest Automation Using Python and Kali Linux
  • Advanced Topics and Roadmap

Duration         24 hours (theoretical and practical)