Web Application Security and Penetration Testing Training

A training program is mostly practical as its nature. This training is designed for people who wants to be expert on the field that both current offensive and defensive methodologies are handled by deepening the Web Application Security parts of Ethical Hacker and Penetration Testing Expert trainings. 

Target Group:
This training is ideal to penetration tester, network admins and people who are interested in security.  It is highly beneficial to people who are managing enterprise and/or personal wireless network infrastructure and are interested in both offensive and defensive technologies and want to work in security industry.

30 hours

For an efficient training, it requires basic understanding on networking, Linux and Ethical Hacking and/or Penetration Testing. 

Main Course Titles:

  1. Introduction to Web Application Security
  2. Virtual Labaratory Environment Installation and Management 
  3. Web Technologies and Standards
  4. Information Collection and Setting Management
  5. Input – Output Fields Manipulations
  6. Identity Control
  7. Session Management 
  8. Security Audit with Automated Test Tools
  9. Security Audit with Manual Tests
  10. Web Application Penetration Testing Scenarios