Linux System and Network Administration training aims to provide the knowledge and competencies to the expert level starting from the most basic in terms of installing, managing, configuring the Linux operating system, active use of the command line, configuring the network and operating system maintenance and security.

Pre-requisite  It is recommended to have basic network knowledge, and skills for an efficient training.

 Gain               This training will benefit anyone who is interested in working in these areas, as well as in security technologies for both attack and defense.

Contents        The training headings are:

  • Introduction to Linux and Installation
  • Directory Structure and Basic Commands
  • User Management
  • Packet Management
  • Network Configuration and Programs
  • System Boot and Process Management
  • File System Management
  • Bash Commands Usage
  • Basic Linux Shell Scripting
  • System Performance
  • Access Controls
  • DNS & DHCP
  • File Share Services
  • Web Services
  • Email Services
  • System Services
  • Disk Usage Management
  • Virtualization
  • Linux Security

Duration         24 hours (theoretical and practical)