Linux System and Network Management Training

A training program provides information and capabilities from basic level to advanced level on installation, management, configuration, active usage of command line, networking settings and maintenance of Linux operating system.

Target Group:
This training is highly beneficial to people who are interested in managing Linux system and network and are interested in both offensive and defensive technologies and want to work in security industry.

40 hours

For an efficient training, it requires basic understanding on networking and Linux. 

Main Course Titles:

  1. Introduction to Linux and Installation 
  2. Directory Structure and Basic Commands
  3. User Management
  4. Packet Management 
  5. Network Configuration and Programs
  6. System Boot and Process Management
  7. File System Management
  8. Bash Command Usage
  9. Basic Linux Shell Scripting
  10. System Performance
  11. Access Control
  12. DNS & DHCP
  13. File Sharing Services
  14. Web Services
  15. Email Services
  16. System Services
  17. Disk Usage Management
  18. Virtualization
  19. Linux Security